Radiosity 3000 is a paint additive that provides
a Radiant Barrier to any paintable surface.
Save Money
In one application, Radiosity Radiant Barriers can save 15% to 20% on  summer cooling costs!  
When installed on all painted surfaces of your home, even higher savings can be realized!

Where Can Radiosity Be Used?
Radiosity Radiant Barriers can be installed on ANY paintable surface!

Exteriors Walls....                Sheet Metal Roofs...               Interior Ceilings....  
Interior Walls....                  Attics...                                  Garage Doors...   
Entry Doors...                       Roof Decks...   

How Can Radiosity Be Applied?
Radiosity 3000 is a radiant barrier paint additive mixed with YOUR paint.  
Then, simply apply as you would any paint.  With a brush, roller even a professional airless sprayer.

Eco Friendly - Zero VOC's
Radiosity 3000 is made entirely of glass.  Imagine hundreds of thousands of hollow microscopic
glass spheres permanently imbeded in latex paint.

Why?  You might ask.
To save money on your energy bills.

Tax Credit.
Radiosity 3000 qualifies for the Energy Policy Act tax credit.
Ask your installer for details.  This will also save money!

Your installer can provide a Radiosity Radiant Barrier that can reduce the amount of radiant
energy that enters your home.  Radiosity 3000, when added to your paint, can be applied onto your
roof, exterior, interior or attic under-decking (the ceiling in your attic).  
This provides a barrier that reflects much of the radiant energy out of your home to save money.

Painting Soon?
Utility bills can be reduced by painting the exterior of your home.  
Is your home due for a paint job anyway?  
Why not paint your home with a Radiosity Radiant Barrier at the same time?

Vaulted Ceilings?
Do you have vaulted ceilings that heat up in the summer months and cannot be insulated?  
Then use Radiosity 3000 with interior latex paint and provide a radiant barrier for that particular
room in your home.  

Need a Certified Installer?
Contact your local installer and ask for Radiosity 3000 Radiant Barrier today.

Sure, purchase Radiosity 3000 locally or online.
Mix into your paint and apply as you would any paint.

Want to Be a Certified Installer?
If you would like to become a Radiosity Radiant Barrier installer in your area, please contact us.
Help your customers save money and save energy!
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Radiosity Radiant barriers save energy by decreasing heat load in buildings.
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