Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Is Radiosity 3000 Eco-Friendly?
A.  Yes, Radiosity 3000 is made of one ingredient, glass.
Q.  How much more work is does it take to add a radiant barrier to a paint job?
A.  It takes about 15 minutes to mix Radiosity 3000 into paint.
Q.  Can attics benefit from a radiant barrier?
A.  Yes, attic applications can be a very cost effective solution for lower utility bills.
A.  Spray all decking and joists, including all the exposed A/C ducts.
Q.  What is the 'R' Value of Radiosity 3000?
A.  There is no 'R' Value when dealing with radiant barriers.
Q.  Is a special paint required for attics?  
A.  Any high quality latex paint (other than flat) can be used in attics.
Q.  What about interiors, Exteriors and Ceilings?
A.  Radiosity works well on any paintable surface.
Q.  My garage is always hot.  Will Radiosity help?
A.  Yes, apply Radiosity 3000 to the garage door exterior and all exterior surfaces.
Also apply to interior walls and ceiling, but not the interior of a metal door.
Q.  Does Radiosity 3000 affect the paint?
A.  Yes, Radiosity 3000 adds body, and acts like a hardener, increasing life, and making it
more washable.  See sheen question below.
Q.  Is paint sheen affected?
A.  Yes paint sheen can dull to the next lower type.  If a satin finish is required, use semi gloss.
Q.  What colors can be used?
A.  Any color in the pallet.  White or light colors work best.
Q.  Is color affected?
A.  No, but test it first when matching existing areas.
Q.  How much can I save?
A.  It depends on many factors; roof color/type, current insulation, available shade, etc.
The question to ask yourself is, "Am I spending too much now?"
Q.  Is there a special process for painting Attics?
A. Yes!  Use a VERY heavy coat!  It doesn't have to be neat.  You're just using paint as a
carrier to get the bubbles to stick to the decking!
Q.  I am replacing exterior siding on my house.  Will Radiosity 3000 help me here?
A.  This is one of the least costly applications for Radiosity.  You are going to paint anyway,    
      right?  So, now all you have to do is add Radiosity to the paint you already intend to use!
Radiosity Radiant barriers save energy by decreasing heat load in buildings.