Infrared energy from the sun strikes the surfaces of your home.  When this happens, the infrared
(radiant) energy is transformed into heat energy.  Heat energy is then radiated by infrared into your
home.  Simply stated, the construction materials of your home have become infrared heat sources.

Radiosity 3000 has been formulated to reflect a significant portion of this radiant source.  
Radiosity 3000 is added to paint, then applied by conventional means.  
Once applied to the surfaces of your home, heat producing infrared energy is reflected back outside.

By reducing infrared energy, loading on your air conditioning system is reduced.  And when your air
conditioner is not working as hard, or as often, your electric bill is reduced.  
Typical savings average 15 to 20%.

Is your home already in need of an exterior paint job?  Now is the time to add Radiosity Radiant Barriers
to your paint.  When applied to exterior walls the heat reduction lowers summer cooling costs.

Radiosity Radiant Barriers also work on interior surfaces.  What about that gable ceiling that heats up
your home in the summer?  Or that West facing wall that heats up that one room?  These interior
surfaces can be protected with Radiosity 3000.  

Exterior metal roofs can be protected by using DTM or Elastomeric paints and Radiosity 3000.  
When applying Radiosity 3000 to metals roofs, Radiosity must be used on the top side, facing the sun.
The inset at left is a microphotograph of Borosilicate Glass
Bubbles used in Radiosity 3000.  These Glass Bubbles are
hollow spheres and provide the basis of Radiosity Radiant
Barrier Technology.
When these glass spheres are added to paint, a radiant barrier
is produced.  This radiant barrier reflects radiation in the
infrared spectrum, which cools the space behind.
Radiosity Radiant Barrier 3000 provides an effective radiant barrier when applied to surfaces that readily transfer heat.  
Radiosity 3000 is not an insulation but, due to it's nature, will reflect heat in the form of electromagnetic radiation.  Much as
painting a window will block visible sunlight, applying Radiosity 3000 to an attic ceiling will block light in the infrared
spectrum.  Radiation in the infrared spectrum is responsible for much of the heat rise in your home.

Radiosity 3000 can be used on walls or ceilings.  Any surface that can be painted.  Radiosity is a paint additive that serves a
dual purpose.  First, a radiant barrier is produced.  Second, this additive provides a harder surface.  The radiant barrier saves
energy, which saves money.
Expected Energy Savings:
Radiosity can provide energy savings that average 15 to 20 percent.  Conditions that can affect these savings vary from
one home to the next.  The U.S. Department of Energy has performed studies on radiant barriers.  The D.O.E. has
determined that a savings up to 42% can be realized from Radiant Barriers.  If you save energy, you save money.
Types of Paint to Use:
Most types of paints can be used with Radiosity 3000.
For Latex based paints
, satin, semi gloss, or gloss must be used.  
As slight color and texture changes can occur, test an area first for color and texture matching.
For metal roofing, spraying from the topside, use a high quality DTM or Elastomeric paint.
For attic installations, use latex based paints.
Radiosity Radiant barriers save energy by decreasing heat load in buildings.