Vision Statement
To provide superior product and service to our partners,
their contractors and their customers.
In  order to follow our  vision statement  and maintain a continous
improvement attitude, the following has been developed;
1. Training
a. Vendor Sales
b. Contractor Sales
c. Application
1. Research
a. Recognition
b. Product Improvement
c. Packaging & Point of Purchase Improvements
d. Expanding Uses and Markets
1. Training
a. Vendor Sales
Promote sales by familiarity with the product.  All sales people are to understand how the product
functions.  Misconceptions concerning materials, as well as differences between insulation and radiant
barriers must be fully understood.  Sales people must also be familiar with the Contractor Sales and
Application training.

It is up to the Radiosity Sales Associate to train vendors at individual stores.  This will be
accomplished by regular visits and a developed rapport with store managers and their staff.

b. Contractor Sales
Direct contact between Radiosity and contractors is limited.  Because of this, an information sheet for
contractors has been developed.  Direct training by Radiosity for Contractor Sales will take place
during the Application training.  It is left up to the vendor to direct potential customers to the supplied
promotional materials and the availability of training sessions.

It is up to the Radiosity Sales Associate to supply promotional materials and training schedules to
each store.

c. Application
This training is conducted as a 'hands on' class for contractors.  Upon completion, each contractor
will receive certification by Radiosity.  Completion also entitles the contractor to be listed as a
Certified Installer at the Radiosity web site.

The class focus will be on:
* Product Familiarity
* Expected Savings
* Paint Types
* Mixing and Application
* Contract Pricing

It is up to the Radiosity Sales Associate to schedule and conduct this class at individual stores.  
Contractors from several stores may be combined.
Radiosity Radiant barriers save energy by decreasing heat load in buildings.