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First course of firebrick, inspected by Sadie!
Note the charred earth from previous meals.
The inspector is happy!
The firey bandana matches her personality!
3 courses down, lots more to go!
Whew!  That's quite a  few firebrick!
One more coarse to go!
A better view...
Okay, Sadie isn't happy about this bucket.
She wants it full of cool water at all times!
Now, the old hole is filled in with concrete and a footing is
poured for the above ground portion.
This view shows the air input system.
I'll be able to add air to the fire (needed for a fire in a hole).
This Pig Pit can be yours!
Or, one just like it!
The empty area between the brick is filled with concrete.
The strap helps keep the soldiers from leaning out while the
concrete is poured in.
A row of soldiers.
Guards the Pig while he sleeps inside.
Another view.
Don't worry, it will look better when it's finished!
This is the way I used to cook my pigs
Start with a fire in the hole.
Of course, you'll need a hole to begin with!
Mike spreads the Pig out in a kiddy pool for a
bit of seasoning.
Okay, more seasoning!
Now for some banana leaves and wet burlap to
 wrap around the pig.
And back to the fire.  We burned 3/4 of a cord
of firewood for this meal.
The wrapped Pig is laid onto the coals and the
hole is covered with sheet metal and dirt.
Only thing left to do is wait.....
I laid the tile kinda where it will go.
Just to get an idea of what it will look like with the tile set.
Another view.
This tile will be set on top and on all sides.
Nearly complete!
Another view.
Just need to hook up electricity and air!
This is turning out the way I wanted.
Fancy cedar lid, eh?
Another view.
Still need to hook up electricity and air!
Okay, the inside of Porky is all seasoned.
Ready to flip over onto the banana leaves.
Wow, he really flipped!
Let's season the top and wrap him up.
We have lots of hot coals, ready  to go!
Greg has spread the coals out and we're ready to cook!
Finally, it's passed 1:00 am!
2008 - Now it's time to rebuild the fire pit!
Needs to be deeper and more robust!
It also needs an air input system...